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Join the Florida National Realty LLC. Referral Agent Program Today!

Hello, real estate enthusiasts! We have an exciting opportunity for you at Florida National Realty LLC. We’ve designed a program that allows you to assist others with their real estate needs without making a full-time commitment. Our Referral Agent Program, led by our esteemed broker of record, Raul Leyva, is a fantastic way to stay active in the real estate industry and earn referral fees.

What is a Referral Agent?

As a Referral Agent, you’ll be the bridge connecting potential buyers and sellers to Florida National Realty LLC. You won’t be involved in the listing or selling of real estate directly. Instead, you’ll refer leads to us, and in return, you’ll receive a portion of the real estate commission paid in the transaction.

Why Become a Referral Agent?

There are numerous benefits to becoming a Referral Agent with us:

  1. Keep Your License Active: You can maintain your real estate license without the full-time commitment.
  2. Local and National Referrals: You can place referrals for transactions both locally and nationally.
  3. No Board or MLS Fees: We don’t charge any board or MLS fees.
  4. Low Costs: Your only cost is a $100 annual membership fee, with a one-time $75 setup fee.
  5. Earn Referral Fees: Once you place a referral and the sale closes, you’ll receive 80% of the 25% referral fee. This fee is based on one side of the transaction.

Responsibilities of a Referral Agent

As a Referral Agent, you’ll need to comply with the laws of the State of Florida regarding the regulation of Real Estate licenses. We expect our Referral Agents to uphold the highest standards of personal conduct and integrity.

Commission Structure

Here’s an example of how the commission structure works:

For a $100,000 sale with a 3% commission on the referral side ($3,000), and a 25% referral due to Florida National Realty LLC:

  • Referral Income: $750.00
  • 20% to Florida National Realty LLC: $150.00
  • 80% to the Referral Agent: $600.00

Our Fees

To join our Referral Agent Program, make a check payable to “Florida National Realty LLC.” for $175.00, which covers the initial setup fee ($75.00) and the annual membership ($100.00).

We’re excited to have you join our team and start making referrals! If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to reach out to us. Let’s make real estate dreams come true together!

Raul Leyva

Broker/ Owner
Cell: 239-634-1198
Office: 239-491-2430

Eli Paez
Office Phone – 239-491-2430

Issey De Los Reyes
Office Admin
Office – 239-985-0777